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This is really cool, Seeker Entertainment was

interviewed by Peter LePage and his staff

from News-A-Rama. Antonio, Blair, Shawn, and I were

just having a fun time at NY Comic Con 2008,

and we were happy to do it.

*Click Pulp Secret image below to access video.*

Live Interview that Shawn, Blair, and I had
on Princeton 30 TV.
The show was headed by Natasha Sherman.
I have to say we had an awesome time.
It's amazing how fast 30 mins goes by.
The Video is here.  You can download
and watch.  Please give some time for the download.
Copy and Paste Link below for Video.


June 23, 2008

Video from Wizard Con

posted by DAR

*This was our first ever panel, all of us were a little nervous,

but we left a good impression on the people

who attended.*

Links below.


Video One:

Viceo 2: 

Video 3:

Video from Crazy AL during ECBACC 2008

This was my first longer extended interview.

I was a little nervous, but I have gotten

better with speaking in front of a camera.

Also please forgive the noise in the background,

it was a busy day at the convention.

Click picture for the video.

New Fan Film Video Game style movie by Lionhead movie productions.



Click Image above to watch this entertaining creation.



**Click Image above for teaser film trailer**


***Click Image above for 2nd Teaser Trailer*** 



***Click Image Above For Teaser Trailer  3***

Camera work by Malachi Matcho shown above. 






Associated and appreciated Videos





J.P. has his own character named Trice.  Learn about this new and exciting super hero by this artist.  Just click the image to view this video about Trice.





An added bonus to this site are the Ho Brothers.  I hope to one day have them work with me on a film production for Knight Seeker.  I love their style and sellection of music.  Enjoy the video by clicking the image.  The video is call THE ART OF SABER






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