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Sept. 27, 2009
Knight Seeker II by Matthew Goad 

     Once you have attained the chemical composition of a master's will, be it vampire, mutant or star constable, you can then be taken into any zone of trepidation, by the highest power of sanguinilerial aspiration and commence the work therein. When fanboys were young, the merest hint of a comic book being brought to life beyond the walls of it's effusive pulp and color would bring heaven to the soul, as brevity of wit causes the death of cliche.
     This book musters a sensibility of temporal accretion, transcendence in the genre of Superhero. He with the ablities that surpass flatscan mortal, must then role-reverse, and become a living element whose psyche, in order to be labeled as such, must cease to exist. Without this progenesis lies the death of ego and a dearth of acumen. Following the line leads to the edge of Knightseeker, a being as human as the rest of us, walking his own path to the celestials, as do the rest of our beholden tribe.
     The world within is a colorful ride, that while enjoyed by many, can only bring introspection of character, to a few. Understanding this conceptual pointillism will grace the imagination with black and white renderings that bring stark validity to the drawings therein. To read Cooper's work is uncorking and drinking down a barrell of literary ale, one flagon at a time. It is some of the finest and most heady to be found at this time on our primarian globe, to moderate your leisure in a nascent environment of didacticism.


Honor: The Way to Become a Superhero              April 2009

While at LensCrafters I met a superhero -- acting as an eyeglass specialist.
He revealed his secret identify only after we began talking about greatness.
Although he wears a costume at times (more on that later) , he’s primarily focused on helping those without hope.
His personal story highlights one characteristic shared by Greatness Architects – they honor others.
Eric Cooper, aka the Knightseeker (,
is an amazing, athletic and energized man who credits his life goals
 and success in reaching them to his mother and grandmother.
These women were the Greatness Architects in his life and helped him recognize his unique abilities.
By honoring Eric, they fostered his individuality and independence.
How do Greatness Architects honor others as well as themselves?
Three disciplines honor individuals and help them achieve greatness:
1) supporting freedom of choice:2) fostering strengths; and 3) enabling independence.
Ensuring awareness and disciplined use of our freedom of choice is one primary way we honor others or ourselves.
Believing that all of our life’s outcomes are uncontrollable puts us at risk for learned helplessness.
We give up and let whatever might happen, happen. Greatness Architects make others aware of choices they have
and encourage them to choose.
The simple act of choosing is immensely empowering and fosters a sense of control in life. At an early age,
Eric realized the intersection of two things he wanted to do: write science fiction and help others.
Every day he chooses to follow that dream.
Greatness Architects know that everyone has freedom of choice
and they encourage everyone to make a choice rather than remaining helpless.
Greatness Architects also exemplify honor by fostering strengths rather than focusing on weakness.
Our society operates according to the premise that if we focus on fixing what we do poorly, we will become great.
The belief that we can fix what is deficient to become great is called the “deficit theory of change.”
This doesn’t work and, in fact, deflects attention from a strategy that can: focusing on strengths.
Eric’s family helped him find his unique strengths and then fostered those strengths. Greatness Architects encourage others
 and themselves to identify what they do best and then find ways to develop those strengths even further.
Finally, Greatness Architects show honor by enabling independence in thought and action.
Great individuals do not generally follow the crowd,
but their independence most likely emerged as a result of being challenged. In 1987,
psychologists Nemeth and Chiles found that independence develops more when people experience dissent or challenge.
Your sense of independence will not grow if everyone around you is in agreement.
Dissent compels people to examine their concepts
and actually develop a stronger sense of independence.
Eric is trying to change the concept of a superhero
and hears plenty of dissent. Greatness Architects don’t just listen to those who agree with them,
they’re willing to listen to dissenting views.
Eric Cooper, the Knightseeker, was encouraged by two Greatness Architects to become the very best he could become.
They honored him by giving him freedom of choice, helping him identify his strengths and fostering independence.
Now, Eric has taken on the role of Greatness Architect. Speaking about his book around the country, sometimes in costume,
he fosters freedom of choice, strengths and independence by giving hope to the hopeless.
We don’t have to don a costume to be a Greatness Architect,
but developing our own greatness and helping others to do so one way to become a superhero.

The Greatness ProjectTM is researched and written by:
Scott Asalone & Jan Sparrow
Copyright © ASGMC, Inc. 2009






April 2, 2008





Edward Davis of Lawrenceville, NJ


Hi Eric, You helped get my new glasses last week,

and you also sold us a copy of Knight Seeker, I took it on a plane ride with me and devoured it,

reading whenever I had spare time, and I just want to say that I LOVED it!

Knight Seeker is by far my favorite superhero,

and I can't wait to read the next book! Please don't make me wait too long,




March 14, 2008

Peter Bronsteen of


Hi Eric: I finished Knight Seeker last night. The book was extraordinary.

You have an unbounded and spectacular imagination.

I truly enjoyed your work and look forward to the next volume! My regards,

Peter Bronsteen




FEB. 27, 2008

L. Davis (Sensational Spidergirl !)



"Your Hero you came up with, is in a League Of His Own!  NO ONE CAN MATCH HIM!!!
Knight Seeker I believe stands on his own....where no other HERO can even touch him!!
I loved the whole book!"







Nov. 26, 2007

A new Super Hero is on the block. The world must be awash with evil for us to need so many but maybe

it's because we have so many is what makes the world a much safer place. Is the Knight Seeker the one to

take on the mantel of the protector of the world's values? (or is that the American  values?)


Nygel Spinner is not the sort of name you'd associate with a superhero but this nerdy character acquires powers

way beyond the scope of mortal man and proves to be well up to the challenge. Thrown into the role by accident,

Nygel pits himself against an ancient evil as he struggles to deal with his changing physiology, low self-esteem,

spiritual awaking and blossoming love life.

This first book by Eric M Cooper seems to be laying the groundwork for a series of adventures by the

Knight Seeker, Nygel's alter ego, as he battles evil to maintain truth, justice and the American way

(to borrow a cliché from another well known American Super Hero).

Much of this first novel focus' on the development of the character and how he becomes aware of,

and learns to use, his array of superpowers with the help of Compass, his hi-tech mentor, tutor and sidekick. 

It's a simple tale following a well laid formula and draws parallels with many of the “super hero” characters

we've come to know and love over the decades but Knight Seeker still provides a fun read in it's

“comic book without the pictures” style.

An Exciting Page Turner..., August 5, 2007
By  Tyrone V. Banks (Newington, CT USA) - See all my reviews
Eric Cooper's "Knight Seeker" is a definite winner in every way, shape and form! Our hero,
Nygel Spinner a.k.a. Knight Seeker has been gifted with amazing powers passed on to him by a
Seeker named Aracnus. Like any hero, first there's a bit of reluctance, followed by hesitance and
then action. Nygel is slowly adapting to his enhanced body and abilities and he becomes a mighty
superhero and a force of good to be reckoned with.

I like Cooper's writing style as it is similar to my own. He uses his life and experiences as a unique
point of reference and builds this exciting story around it. The brilliant cover drew me to this book
and after reading page one, I knew that it was going to be an enjoyable read about a new superhero
that I want to see more of.

Excellent job Mr. Cooper and I am eagerly awaiting the release of Part 2!

Tyrone Vincent Banks
Author/Book Reviewer
Ayinde: They Gave Praise and He Came
Knight Seeker!!!, May 12, 2007
I loved this book!! Some friends of mine told me I have to read it, so I did!! Awesome sci-fi/comic book
type tale!! Very riveting and exciting, everytime I finished a couple chapters, I thought I could take a
break, but I found myself picking it up and not wanting to put it down!! If you like science fiction,
if you like comics, you will surely LOVE Knight Seeker!!
A Great Super Hero Adventure, November 19, 2006
If you are a fan of superheroes, this book will take you on a great and fun adventure. Eric Mann Cooper
has written one of the best books I have read this year, and I read a lot. Knight Seeker is a perfect gift for
superhero fans in the family.
Female business owner 25 Sep 2006
I met you several months ago in the mall when I purchased D&G glasses. I also purchased your book
and read it, however I never got back to you regarding my thoughts. I could not put the book down. I know
that your talent will ultimately be enjoyed by millions. You are blessed.
(Business Owner)


Ricky 28 Jan 2006
Your book simply amazing.
You have a wonderous way of wording your story. In all of the super hero novels I have read, none of the
characters, besides Batman and Spiderman, I have felt for. While reading this story of Nygel Spinner, you
become attached to him and feel what he's going through. And, the novel of Knight Seeker itself opens up
a whole new and original world, filled with new and bizarre people, species, and even animitronic devices.
Yay, Compass! LoL.

And, when I read a book, the villain of the novel MUST be one that is LOVED to be hated by the reader.
Let me tell yah, Sage IS that kind of villain.

Keep up the AWESOME work. And tell MARVEL to kiss your ass! They have NO idea what they missed out on!
Thomas Murray 27 Nov 2005

Let me start by saying that I am not a fast reader, by any means. As a matter of fact, I'm not much of a reader
at all. However, I have been reading Knight Seeker at every possible moment and I am at the start of
Chapter 10. I am truly enjoying the story so far. I really find myself getting caught up in Nygel's confusion
and am wondering just as much as he is what is going to happen next. What powers will he have tomorrow?
Just wanted to say nice job and let you know I am enjoying it. I find myself trying to pick out which details
are really from your life and which are fantasy. It all blends very well. Kudos.








29 Aug 2005

I really enjoyed the book!!! Great job. I could not put it down, and cant wait for the next one. Keep up the good work.

Cant wait for the kids to read it. Although, they are still involved with required summer reading at the moment. J

David W Walker


Independent Associate

Knight Seeker
24 Jun 2005
I finished reading this book two weeks ago and found it very enjoyable and hard to put down. I'm in the process
of re-reading certain portions of the book to gain further insight. One important item a good book must have.
It must not be predictable, it should have interesting characters, and most importantly have a tightly knit multiplot theme.

The author scored big on all these accounts. It is a fast paced book with well developed characters.
The Knight Seeker has unique powers that he is still learning to master. He has a good support structure
with his girl friend, mother and he relies on his spirituality to "finish what he started". All in all, an excellent
first outing. Eric, keep up the good work.



A really great novel!  
23 Jun 2005
I was wondering since I guess that this guy * DID NOT really READ * the book or at least not completely or with
a total different expectation. I read it (completely) and the concept has just a very little comparision to other
superheros that I have read about (and there a just a few I did not read, Spiderman nearly all).

Eric's building block was Spidey but very far off from that, even Knight Seeker's abilities are different and more
cutting edge. Spiderman has nothing on Knight Seeker, the character stands alone. Pick it up and read his book
it is very different - and I would have loved if Jim Faison would have done the same.

I am just wondering why people write this into a review. Of course it is up to anyone to have their own opinion,
but it should always be a little objective and constructive.














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