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Voice Actors/ Staff Art

 Indy Voice Actors and Narrators

Jon Lawhon
(Character 1: Compass) (Character 2: Talbert Singe) (Character 3: Capt. Lu Wan)
*Influenced by Malcolm McDowell - Patrick Stewart - George Takei*
- -

Elyse Jankowski
(Character Sandy Castle/ TV Reporter)

Terrance Thompson 
(Character Jame Q' Booker)!/profile.php?id=522788441

ReNé Anukis
(Character Kira Maru)

Shing Ka
(Character Warlord Sage)!/pages/SHINGS-FAN-PAGE/226035759589

Leonard Dozier
(Character Kevin Melborne/Hotel&Casino Owner)

Blair Smith
(Character Andrew/ Camera-man)!/ArtofBlairSmith

'The Smoke' Eric Moran
(Character Michael Payne/C.E.O. of Rapid Action News)!/profile.php?id=675491069

Alvyn Haywood
Voice influence of Avery Brooks
(Character Captain Brooks NYPD)            -(Narrator)-

Randy Suchcicki
(Character Max/ News Producer)!/profile.php?id=1393373376

Jake Weingart
(Character Prof. Zimmer)

Andres Segura
(Character Paul Sole)

Thom Sirkot -Narrator-!/ThievingMagpieThom

Eric Maywar -Narator-!/eric.maywar

Natalie Savage -Narrator-

Elizabeth, NJ -
Qualification Summery: formal acting training,
extensive theatrical experience, live comedy sketch shows,
principle and extra work in film tv, videos & voiceovers

Matthew Lehr -Narrator-

Matthew Lehr is an emerging voice artist from the central New Jersey area.
Specializing in narration, phone systems , and character acting.
He has full production facilities on site

Cell : 732-331-2597

Scott Woker -Singer/ Voice overs-

Teddy Mac -Narrator/ Voice Over-

Kelly King -Narrator-

Brad Langer -Narrator- 


Absolute Entertainment

Amir Martinez -Narrator-





Rodney 4 submissons April 2008










Concept art for Graviton in KS-2

Submitted by Rodney Jacobsen






Concept art for Sting in KS-2

Submitted by Rodney Jacobsen










Artwork submitted by Rodney Jacobsen

Dec 13, 2007





By Rodney

By Shawn


By Blair




Agent FADE
all rights are reserved by
Blair Smith the creator and the designer of the character.
Any use of this character without Mr. Smith's knowledge,
or consent is prohibited.





by Kyle Kirkner



Image above by J.P. of Orlando, Florida



Submitted October 4, 2007

Compass Concept by Kyle Kirkner





Artwork submitted 09-21-07

by Dan DeMille



Ink and pencil artwork submitted 9-16-07 by

Rodney Jacobsen



Computer graphic Sonic Sword submitted by

Kyle Kirkner Sept. 13, 2007



Art Submitted Aug. 20, 2007

by Kyle Kirkner



Image Submitted Aug 22, 2007

by Adam Hicks


Art work Submitted Aug. 24, 2007

by Adam Hicks




Artwork submitted 07-09-2007 (Composed by a computer program)

By Kyle Kirkner 3-D Computer Animation Artist

(3-D model imaging will be coming soon from this artist.)



This art work of pencil drawing was submitted by

Rodney Jacobsen 05-24-07



Oil Painting by Bryan Rogers


Oil Painting by Bryan Rogers







Photoshop illistration by J.P. of Orlando, Florida



By Terrance Thompson


Submitted 08-15-2007

sample drawing by

Neill Brengettsey


By Kyle Kirkner submitted Late 2008.



A person I am looking forward to making a member of my staff is

is Alexander Mesi.  He is a computer graphics designer.

For more information on Alexander Mesi

please visit



Lastly another artists that I am looking forward to working with

is also a computer graphics artist Justin Smith

For more information on this artist please visit


Trailer Story-Board Drawings by Ian Ranney


Knight Seeker: "This is the place. This is where everything changed."



Knight Seeker: "Ever since that night, the life I once had is gone."





Narrator: "Journey into the life of a young man. A man turned into something he

 does not want. A man who becomes something he does not understand."




Nar: "At a time when we knew superheroes and super villains did not exist,




Nar: we were wrong."


Nar: "Now Earth is the battle ground between good and evil."































Submission April 27, 2008 by Steve White

of Jersey City, New Jersey



Ryan Crissey : Comic Book Artist and fellow costumer

            Graviton               Knight Seeker bolting rooftops    Graviton using his powers








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