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T.D.S. (Total Design Services) 908-839-6048

Jason Crawford: Prop Designer and maker for the Knight Seeker Film.


Knight Seeker Sonic Sword Hilt  

Knight Seeker Tri-Blade Sonic Sword


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Scott Herman is a great guy to subscribe to and communicate with for
fitness tips, health products, and comic book convention events.
He is the kind of guy you would take to any party and have a great time.


The Smoke has made a major impact on the pop-culture scene for over a decade.

After his time in the Marine Corps, Smoke worked as a bodyguard working clubs

as well as backstage concerts and for NFL games in Philadelphia. He’d would later

train as a pro-wrestler and became a strong presence in the independent wrestling world.

He began wrestling for companies like ECW, GLOOW, WEW, and NWAShockwave.

The Smoke has been an Intercontinental, Tag-Team, and World Champion in his career.

Having a strong likeness to “The Rock” has opened doors for The Smoke. He has appeared

on T.V. shows like,” The Jenny Jones Show” and “GLOOW” and radio shows like

“610WIP” and even local Celebrity Boxing shows. The Smoke branched out to do movies like,

“The Black Ninja”, “White Men Can’t Rap” and many other independent film projects.

The Smoke is now a current character for “Big City Comics”, for the vampire series,

“Tempest” and later to be the focal point for a major crossover event called “Tainted”.

The Smoke is also currently in a new film called “LEAF”. In addition he is also a cast

member of the hit T.V. show, “Heavy Sedation” as well as the web series, “Fighter’s High”.

Phildelphian born and raised. I'm what you call one of "The Last of The Nice Guys"

on the planet. I'm honest and loyal to my friends and family. I'm a true romantic because

of my parents, ( Who have been married for over 48YRS!!) I'm very grounded because of

my daughter, ( She is my life!!) . I love the world of sci-fi , comic books, video games and

everything else under the sun.I love to work out plus many other things to long to mention.

To my daughter you are my best friend and i will always love you. To all my circle of friends

(and they know who they are), thank you for helping me through my trying timesand being

in my corner and to the others that are no longer here, we'll meet again.

More info and The Smoke's website 

Mastoris Restaurant:

Routes 130&206
Bordentown, NJ 08505
Phone: (609) 298-4650 Fax (609) 298-8529
*Also this place of busines is part of the first novel.  Thank you Alex and Jimmy.*


Thomas M. McGuigan, D.P.M. Lic# MD 00918

Feet Specialist. 1076 Parkway Ave.  Trenton, NJ 08628 (609) 883-1605

Dr. Thomas McGuigan D.P.M. is a practicing podiatrist in Trenton, N.J.  Dr. McGuigan is a fellow in the American Academy of

Podiatric Sports Medicine and is certified by the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedic and Primary Podiatric Medicine.  He has

lecturedat Temple Podiatry and Rutgers University and has authored many articles on Sports injuries and rehabilitative medicine. 

Serving as Medical Diretor for Eastern Podiatric Labs, Dr. Mcguigan consults with healthcare professionals on difficult cases. 

He is also Vice President of Burns International, one of the largest US Orthotic Laboratories.


 Inspired Music by this German group called Lesiem. 


Lesiem's music is new age.  It has the opera sound with a beat.  I hope that one day they will be

part of this project and set the mood for my characters with their unique style of music.


This is the East Coast Black Age of

Comics Convention.  It is a combination of

black artists and writers that do awesome

gatherings for people looking for more

soul-filled comic books in the indsutry.




Spandex Outfitters



1st trailer version suit of Knight Seeker constructed by both Valerie R. Malinosky and Chris Notarile of Blinky Productions. 

Unfortunately this version of the Knight Seeker suit did not make it to the final version due to conflicts of interests, but it is still a

respected work by both crafts-persons.


This suit is being worn by Actor Lamont Williams of N.Y.C.



The person in this suit is actually me.

First Raw Knight Seeker suit worn by me.

First finished Knight Seeker suit worn by me.  I designed the first rough suit and added

the lenses along with the webbing.  This suit did not make it to the finally version, but it was fun to do. 

All other suits were based off of my original version.



A Fun site for people that love Spiderman costumes of the people that wear

them and build them, check this link out:


For Comic and Book reviews this is a nice site for viewing.  They also did an

interview on the first novel of Knight Seeker.



J.P. one of the artists on this project has his own superhero character he is

trying to take into the market, but I am also thinking about adding this character

to my world in the 3rd novel which most likely will take place in Philly, PA. 

Learn about Trice and his world.



This is a special treat.  I love the filming by the Ho brothers,

and I hope to have them work with my team next year for shooting

a more complete film for Knight Seeker.

Gotta check this out.


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