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Characters and Indy Staff

Knight Seeker: Superhero / Warrior Class

Name: Nygel Spinner

Age: 24 years old

Resides: Trenton, New Jersey U.S.A.

Occupation: Part Time College Student. 
Production Assistant for the Rapid Action News station.

Abilities: Super enhanced human capabilities. 
Advanced Technology.

Weapons: Electron Shield, Spike Bones, Plasma Nets, Sonic Sword.



Images done by Main Artist Bryan Rogers

By J.P. from Florida


Costume was made 2007
by Thom Sirkot.


 Lamont Williams,
first actor to play Knight Seeker for a unreleased short film.


Warlord Sage: Demon Sorcerer

Name: Warlord Sage

Age: Unknown

Resides: Unknown

Occupation: To conquer the world of the living.

Abilities: Supernatual powers

Warlord Sage is the first super villain that Knight Seeker
has faced. He is smart and can control the powers of the


 Actor Shing Ka rejoins Seeker ENT. projects
Shing is Warlord Sage.

Shing Ka
is producing and co-creator of new web-series call "L, Assassin". A
nd have a role as a Gang Boss of the White Tigers in the new
Martin Scorses' executive produced film, "Revenge of the Green Dragons",
director by legendary Hong Kong director, Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs)
where Scorese made the "Departed" based on Lau's film. 

Syre aka Tygron: Altered - aka mutant

Name: Syre

Age: 18 years old

Resides: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown

Abilities: Able to lift 2 tons, Bio electrical shock, Elbow Fin razor sharp bones, claws.

The character Tygron was inspired by Irtiza Naqvi of Hamilton Township, New Jersey. 

Tygron is a street fighter and also a mutant aka Altered. He has
a love for working on automobiles and is a true warrior at heart.

Drawings by Chris Vance




Tygron: Mutant Form

This part is played by Sagoon Gulati from New Jersey.
I am 27 yrs old and I stand 5,11 with an athletic build.

I have had the opportunity to model and act
and now bring that talent to this spectacular project called

Knight Seeker by Eric Cooper a friend/director/author.
I thank him for this opportunity and wish the best
of luck to everyone affiliated with the project.


 Newest role for Tyrgon to be played by Paul Singh. New Jersey native and
works at the Middlesex county College Scholarship Office.



Kira Maru: Human

Name: Kira Maru

Age: 23 years old

Resides: Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Occupation: College Student, Computer Programmer at Marble World Corporation.

Abilities: Trained in martial arts.

I happened to find this young attractive lady at San Diego Comic Con
during the year of 2003. 
She actually fits the image of the character
that I was writing. Her name is
René Anukis. 

She is an actress and model.  Most of her work has been done in New York City,
and resides in New Jersey
.  She has a lot of energy and drive. 
She will accomplish many things in
her life and I'm happy that she wants to be
a part of this project.  Ren'e does have a web site and it
can be visited here.

For more pictures and film credits for Ren`e link is below.




Paul Sole: Human \\ A developing character

Name: Paul Sole

Age: 17 years old

Resides: Newark, New Jersey

Occupation: High School Student, School athlete, Marble World Corporation worker -
and son to the owner Vincent Sole.

Abilities: better than average strength, wrestling abilities, self defense

The character Paul Sole was inspired by my friend John Monaco of Ewing, New Jersey.

Possible actor for film and images we shall use will be from Cloud Zack Santiago.

Zack is a cos-player at most of the major comic book conventions around the country.

He is also a props builder and resides in the state of Florida.

more info on Zack go here.


James Q. Booker: Human // A developing character

Name: James Quincy Booker

Resides: Trenton, New Jersey

Occupation: Rapid Action News Administration Department

Abilities: Better than average strength, self defense skills, athletic

The character James Booker was inspired at first by Terry Booker, but the honor has been passed to

Terrance Thompson.





Terrance is a fellow costumer/cosplayer and friend that believes in the Knight Seeker franchise.
He is currently assisting with character development in the Knight Seeker book series.
He contributes exceptional talent, ideas and insight from his own life experiences, with
a background in healthcare and the Armed Forces he is a valuable asset that truly understands
the meaning of "greater good."

You can contact Terrance on Facebook here:



Michael Payne: Human

Name: Michael Payne

Age: Young 40's

Resides: Princeton, New Jersey

Occupation: CEO and owner of Rapid Action News aka R.A.N.

Abilities: Communications

The late Bernie Mac would have been my choice
for Nygel Spinner's
boss.  He had just that kind of face and personality to
match that of Michael Payne. 
Bernie Mac will
be missed and I wish his family all the best in the coming months
and years.



Cedric The Entertainer would be the second person

I would select for the role of Michael Payne. 
I need some one intimidating and Cedric The Entertainer has that kind of ability.

Neither Bernie Mac nor Cedric The Entertainer is part of my staff.

Talbert Singe: Human                                                

Name: Talbert Singe

Age: Unknown

Resides: Unknown

Occupation: Antiquities Dealer / Satin's messenger

Abilites: Black Magic



Patrick Stewart reminds me the most of Talbert Singe. 
I love Patrick's acting and he would best fit this
character if a motion picture
were to ever take place for Knight Seeker.  Patrick Stewart is not on my staff
but he is aware of the character, and he
 is very suitable for the role of Talbert Singe.



Captain Martin Brooks: N.Y.P.D.

Name: Martin Brooks

Age: Older 30's

Resides: New York City

Occupation: Head of the New York City Police Department

Abilities: A well trained law enforcer


Avery Brooks best fits this character. 
I have always
respected this individual through the
years that he was a part of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
As his character grew on the show he has shown
that he has leadership style ability, and
can take control of a situation,
but with a cooler style.  Captain Martin Brooks is the same way,
but if a person steps out of line he would be on their case. 
Avery Brooks is aware of this character. 
Mr. Brooks is not a part of my staff
but if a motion picture is to come about
he would be the one for the role.


 Kevin Melborne : Human (Casino Owner)

Kevin Melborne

Age: 38 years old

Resides: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Occupation: Casino owner

Abilities: Self defense tactics

Jonathan Frakes best fits this character.

I have admired Mr. Frakes roles as a slick and adventurous individual.
Jonathan has the look and the voice of a take charge kind of person;
they are the proper elements for a casino owner.
Jonathan Frakes is aware of this character.  Mr. Frakes is not a part
of my staff but if a motion picture is produced
he is the right type of person for the role.

Mad Bull: Human

Name: Mad Bull (Real Name unknown at the time)

Age: 32 years old

Resides: Unknown

Occupation: Street fighter 

Abilities: Skilled in Martial Arts 


Mad Bull for the short film Paul Singh,

My name is Paul Singh and I am from Westampton, New Jersey. 
I am 6'4" athletic Built.  I just recently tried to get my
foot in the door with modeling and with thanks to Sagoon Gulati and Eric Cooper,
I am doing some acting now. 
I am trying to do more modeling but acting has fell on my lap and I am enjoying it. 
I am very happy to work with Eric
and the cast and crew, definitely a major experience for me. 
I just want to wish the whole crew and cast major success in
whatever they do and I hope to work with them in the future.  Thanks a lot Eric for the shot.

Mayhem: Mercenery : Human

Age: 26

Occupation: Mercenary

Brett Linebarger
Special Guest in book 3 of Knight Seeker

Brett Linebarger was formally Mayhem in a Knight Seeker production in 2006


Hitman: Extra Casted 

Elie Striplet

My name is Elie Striplet, I was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti. 
Currently I live in Trenton, NJ. 
I stand 5'7 with an athletic build.  I've just broken into modeling,
but I was in acting since high school. 
This is an amazing project, and I'm very pleased to play a part in this great project.  
I can see Eric's
vision which will take the superhero world by storm
and change it forever. 
I want to thank Eric, for
giving me the opportunity to be part of this project.  
I look forward to continuing to work with Eric,
and anyone else who will play a part in this excellent project.
Brian Chase - Character in KS-2 :Human
Age: 21
Occupation: Full time college student/ College newspaper reporter.
The person that best reflects this character is Jon Horner.

Jon Horner is a father with 2 children and works in the cosmetic medical field.
He enjoys costuming and loves Dragon Con, as much as I do.





Bryan Rogers: Cover Artist to Knight Seeker Vol. 1: Please note for the record

that Bryan Rogers wishes to not be apart of Seeker Entertainment any longer due to a

conflict of interest to his professional career.  Also to add Bryan Rogers will always be

highly honored and respected by my staff and I.  All data and records of Bryan Rogers

will be removed from this site, only his name shall remain on this page and any artwork

that was associated with this project when he was a part of it.  This action seemed to be

the most appropriate way to respect his decision.  I truly wish you well Bryan.




Tim Grundmann: Novel Editor


Tim Grundmann is the main editor of the first novel of Knight Seeker.  Tim is a very experienced editor and has worked under many banners.  LINK TO TIM GRUNDMANN SITE AND BIO ((Scroll down to the middle of the page for Tim's information.))

     When I was done with the third rough draft of this first novel I had to find an editor to present the book professionally to the publisher.  I contacted an editor that worked for a wide range of publishing houses.  I sent her one chapter of the novel upon her request.  Once she had a day to look over it she had written back to me and said that I needed a developing editor.  She was kind enough to provide me with eight names of the people I should contact and choice to edit my novel.  All of the developing editors had responded to my email.  They all seemed interested in working on this novel, but only one had written me back in a more excited tone than the others.  That of course was Tim.  He told me that he was a comic book fan and he had to edit this book. I guess it was more of a calling to him, as the book was to me as well when I first started writing it.

The editting time took a little longer than I expected, and Tim had to take his time on this novel since he had seen the value of what he had his hands on.  I grew a little impatient of course but I tried to never show it.  Tim had other projects on his work bench and I knew sooner or later he would be done.  At the same time other things were going on in my life that swayed my feelings about this project, but eventually everything worked out in time.  Tim has been by my side through the rough times and he helped me to laugh at myself when I was most down when he sent me some chapters to keep my spirits up.

Tim has added more of a fun side to Knight Seeker which I thought to do in the begining but I felt it would have not been to the best interest of the main character.  I almost wanted to tell Tim to stop playing around with the character and make him much more serious.  I felt it was getting a little silly and I wanted a tough boy character that would tear a bad person apart in an instant. 

But as I was personally growing as a person which I still am, I have come to accept Tim's light hearted sense of humor and it added another side to the main character that I have come to accept and appreciate.

Thank you Tim Grundmann, for all that you have done to help me bring a very interesting character into the superhero industry.


Chervenak J. Thomas:
Rough Draft Editor of the 2nd novel (Knight Seeker 2: Pieces of the Game)// Main Script Editor for 2nd Trailer.


Tom grew up in rural Minnesota, but now lives and works within the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.  He has spent much of his

free time performing as a musician, both vocally and instrumentally.  Past performances include everything from rowdy tavern songs

at Renaissance Festivals to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra to acting as an interim Music Director

at his church.  Tom enjoys reading a wide variety of books, Science Fiction and Historical Fiction being the preferred types. 

His favorite authors are Anne McCaffrey (Science Fiction), Jeffrey Archer and John Jakes.  Tom's interest in costuming is evident from

his membership with the 501st Legion as well as his time performing with the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  Tom is also married

and a father of two.


Paul Borowski: Short Film Editor. Email:


Video Camera Operator: Malachi Matcho

Indy Writers

Miles Simon

"I'm an up and coming writer, still perfecting my craft, and I'm a
huge fan of comics and sci-fi.
Currently, I'm working with Eric, Mr. Knight Seeker himself, on a
sci-fi project that we're both very excited about.
Look forward to a new series of space based sci-fi books coming to you soon."

Keith Thomas 
Writer of the comic book Knight Seeker Smoke and Mirrors.

Writer of Tyler Kirkham's Screwed from Zenescope Entertainment.
Voice over actors

Jon Lawhon

Andrew Randall                        
- From Shakespeare to Monty Python -- And Everything in Between
- Commercials, Corporate/Industrial, Animation, Video games, Audio books, Podcasts, etc.
- BROADCAST QUALITY Audio Delivered FAST at Affordable Rates
- Outstanding References and Voice Samples at

 Elyse Jankowski

Rodney Jacobsen : Illustrator (Independent)

Rodney Jacobsen 's Website on Facebook
Rodney has worked on Knight Seeker 2: Crimes of Passion

Kyle Kirkner : 3-D Model and Animation Computer Artist (Independent)



Kyle Kirkners Contact information:

A little about yourself... I am a Digital Artist currently living in Florida. Specialize in Image Manipulation and Graphic design. from Maryland. Went to School in Philadelphia. Moved around alot until I got to where I currently am. Current Co Founder and Owner of Illion Media. ( More of my personal work can be viewed on my page at

Current projects, and projects you have worked on... Currently working on getting Illion Media up and running. Doing Freelance Design work for as week and

official website for Kyle is here

This image was done by Kyle Kirkner.

He now also has his own web site.

CHECK OUT KYLE'S Video displaying

his computer animation skills



Blair Smith: Multi-Media Artist (Independent)


Big Congrats to Blair Smith

BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL OF THE YEAR in the Comic Buyer’s Guide Annual Fan Contest

If you would like to know more about Blair Smith you can visit his website

Blair Smith is trained in high end Acrylic & Oil Illustrations, Pen & Ink
Colored Pencil, Marker, Gouache & watercolor ,Photography,
3-D Clay Sculpting Airbrush, Design , Logo Design.
He has expert knowledge of Corel Draw ,
Corel Photopaint, Corel Painter, Photoshop. As well as
several other computer programs.

If you are interested in hiring Blair Smith for Cover Art Illustrations
CD COVER LAYOUT ,sequential art, logo design ,

Shawn Alleyne: Caption Novel - Chief Art Director Of Knight Seeker vol. 1-3
(Independent Artist)
And artist for the Dusk novel series written by John Cullins.


Shawn Alleyne makes press for Philly Wizard Con.

Full story at link below.

 About me: Just your average starving artist trying to make it in the cruel world of comic books.

More info on Shawn go here

Katherine Lo: Artist and Lettering

Website is here

Bernard Schmalzried and Randall Krock of Fish Combo Productions


Both Bernard and Randall produce multi media art. 
To learn more about them please visit

Adam Hicks : Graphic Artist  


To learn more about Adam Hicks you may visit his website 

 ANTONIO CLARK: Comic Book Artist (Independent) 

I'm doing a calendar and some other work too. i have to kick it in high gear cause the end of the yr is coming.
next yr. will be really busy.

I will be going to at least 4 shows next yr. thats twice as many as this yr.
well..thats it for now.

For more information on Antonio Clark please visit his website.

Alan Dyson : Illustrator- Graphite Artist

Best known for his realistic looking pencil artwork, Alan Dyson broke into the d20 gaming industry over a decade ago creating interior artwork for RPG (role-playing game) books.  Among RPG artwork, Alan has also worked on hundreds of sketch cards for Bench Warmer trading cards; and one of the models being Sara Underwood from “Attack of the Show!” Alan also had the rare chance to create a commissioned drawing for actor Jerry Maren (the Lolli Pop Kid from the movie classic The Wizard of Oz).

Projects Alan has recently finished include artwork for 3 RPG books for Atlas-Games, and 2 pieces for author Eric Cooper’s third Knight Seeker novel “Blades of Justice

A graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago

Among Alan’s creative talents, he is also a martial arts instructor with over 15 years teaching experience with a background in Tang-Soo Do and Mixed Martial Arts. Among having a background in karate, Alan currently has a Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Some of Alan’s previous clients include: Bench Warmer, Author Eric Cooper (Knight Seeker), Atlas-Games, MonkeyGod Enterprises, Pandahead Games, Mystic Eye Games, Sovereign Press, Fastforward Entertainment Games, Fantasy Flight Games, and Troll Lord Games.

Check out his website:

For other information on Alan Dyson visit his website.


Dan DeMille : Comic and Graphic Artist 

Dan is a freelance artist who has worked in a number of genres such as comic books, pin-up, movies, TV, advertisement, and design.   He is best known for drawing models as super heroines.  He created several advertisement posters for MUCK  the new horror movie coming out this summer from With an O Productions.  Currently he has been working with actress/model Stephanie Danielson on her new series The Steph D Show on Adult Swim as well as ROMY a new comic book series they created together.
My Facebook:
Facebook art page:
Deviant Art:
Model Mayhem:
Twitter: @ArtofDanDeMille

For more information on Dan DeMille and his projects 

you can visit his myspace account.  

 Scott Clark : Illustrator and Novel Writer 

for more information on Scott Clark you may visit his own web site.


Michael White Jr. 

Born and raised on Long Island, NY., White has dedicated his life to creating art and letting his imagination lead him.
Character development, illustrating and writing stories are his hobbies.As far back as he can remember
he’s had a wild and inventive imagination. White graduated from the Art Institute for Computer Animation
and has done animations in films like “The Black Ninja”  and the “” site. He has also illustated books
 “Corbot”, “Katrina - Amari’s first hurricane”, "Day Dreams" and “Xanidu”.
He gives back to his community by teaching Art and culture classes at The Boys & Girls Clubs.
 His dream is to have a message in his work so people can learn and gain from

Neill Brengettsey
: Comic Book Artist (Independent

Neill has done freelance toy design for Hasbro;

layouts and character designs for Marvel and DC comics; CD covers,
menu jackets for local restaurants, graphics and maps for state offices;
character designs for comic book themed websites;
press kit photography for bands, and book illustrations.
Richard A. Zak : Comic Book Artist (Independent)
For more information on Richard A. Zak visit his website.



Tremaine Worrell: Illustrator/Grafic Designer/Comic Artist


       Current Residence: New York!

       Interests: Chillin,Comics, Animes, Church, Music that inspires me
and other random things.

For more information and drawings of this artist visit


Nick Harris: Artist, Painter, Writer, 

Nick aka Phoe-nix Nebula is also the artist who created
Knight Seeker Players of the Game Comic Book.

Nick has a website and does commissions.

website-WIX/Unique individuals ink


This is Warlord Sage preliminary  drawing

Matthew D. Seel

This is just a sample of his work.

He is highly dangerous with airbrushing.

All around well balanced artist.

MIKE PARLA : ARTIST              

 Michael Parla


 Eric Maruscak of Pepper INK.COM

Eric Maruscak

Most of you would know him by the

huge chalk arts he does

at some of the large

comic book conventions in the country.



Chris Vance, born July 18, 1980.  Live in Columbia, MD. 
Graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art.
I love Comics, video games, movies (horror, scifi, action, animation, and many more),
 zombies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, hangin' with my friends and girlfriend,
and drawing of course!
If I could work on any comic it would be a Turtles comic.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my introduction to comics and drawing comics. 
I havent looked back since. You can check out some of my art at 
and look for me on facebook under my real name and bunnies on fire.

DJ Parnell
I am a freelance illustrator working mostly in comics. While I love superhero stories,
 my biggest influences come from anime and manga. I've been learning Japanese and s
omeday I hope to go to Japan. My favorite pastimes are playing video games and
singing karaoke!
I currently work for Fried Comics on an independent comic called PBOW, and
also draw sketch cards for Upper Deck. This summer I'm aiming to launch my own webcomic on Tumblr.
My links:

Christopher Cho: Freelance Artist and Costume Maker

Active duty Officer in the US Navy. I cosplay and do art in my off hours to keep up my creative side. 
Worked on Knight Seeker 3, currently working on private commissions and
a Darkness cosplay along with drawing characters for an expanded universe for Knight Seeker.
Jeff Balke: Colorist and illustrator

Jeff first started his career by coloring Foxwood Falcons (After Hours Press) in 2007 cover to cover (including the interiors) after he had posted some color work on his Myspace page (before FaceBook became what it is today). After finishing his first book of Foxwood Falcons #1, Jeff moved onto working on a 2pg spread in the Sire #2 (After Shock Comics). Which then led him into getting more gigs such as…Jesus Hates Zombies, Velvet Rope, Koni Waves and a few others.

In 2010, Jeff started coloring with Zenescope Entertainment on such books as Charmed, Grimm Fairy Tales, Tales From Wonderland, Wonderland, Jurassic Strike Force 5, just to name a few. At the same time, he started coloring covers for MoonStone Books on Zombies vs Cheerleaders which also led him into coloring some of the interiors of those books and other covers such as…Sheena and Capt. Action. In 2011, he also started working with John Carpenter (film director/creator of Halloween, the Fog and others) and his wife Sandy in their company called Stormking Productions where they are also creating comic books.
Currently, he colors for Zenescope (numerous comics), Zombies vs Cheerleaders, Stromking Productions, Forgotten Playground and others.

In addition to working with those companies, he also has worked on books such as: Hack/Slash (Image Comics), 1000 Ways To Die (Zenescope), the Foot Soldiers (Image Comics) and others. Jeff is currently celebrating his 100th comic book he’s worked on! 

Jeff has been nominated twice for the Eagle Awards and twice for the Shel Dorf Awards, taking home the 2011 Shel Dorf Award for Colorist of the Year (which was the first year of the Shel Dorf Awards).

You can always see what Jeff’s working on


































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