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The picture above is illustrated by Shawn Allyene and colored by Tommy Shelton.

Black Label ComiCon
August 10th Saturday
10am - 5pm
Philadelphia Downtown 
Hampton Inn Hotel
(Philly Convention Center)

Drawing: Phoe-Nix NeblaColors: Blair Smith
MERGE: How do you handle being a teenager living on the 
Compton side of Los Angeles, California with 
powers from alien technology? 
How do you get through the school day while facing street gangs, drug dealers, 
and dangerous vigilantes? The last thing on your mind is school work, 
working a part time job, and a possible love interest. 
Welcome to Merge: Trials and Tribulations of Becoming a Superhero. 
This 'Caption Novel' contains over 40 illustrations 
from artists around the United States, Italy, and Brazil.
To Order Merge Go Here.

Drawing: Phoe-nix NebulaColors: Blair Smith

An experimental starship is placed in the command of a crew of fifty convicted criminals in the 

Andromeda Galaxy that have been deputized as undercover constables.

Their five year sentence is to serve the honorable but divisive Flow Council aboard the U.S.S. Enforcer.

The crew is not trustworthy of each other as the captain has the daunting task to keep them focused 
on accomplishing some of the most dangerous assignments put before them. 
Over 30 images are in this publication.

Publication Date: December 06, 2016
1541121449 / 9781541121447
To Order follow this link:

Welcome to the home page of Knight Seeker.
Creator and Writer Eric M. Cooper dives into a
saga of ethnic diversity and meaningful characters
within the worlds that he creates.
Current projects are Black Wall Street, Merge,
& Short Film Xander: The Aftermath

In association with Chocolate Nation Studios

Miles Simon's Facebook page is
Co-writer of Star Enforcers Novel and Editor to the Merge Novel

Phoe-nix Nebula is the art director of the Merge, and Star Enforcers Projects.
A Philadelphia Artist that sees the energy in all things and illustrates
the essence of what is presented to him.
He is also a trained Martial Artist and Instructor.

This site is also in network with Underground Comixxx
The founder is Jabaar L. Brown

for more info & to contact please visit.

These three icons are honored in the novel with a full bio Page in the
acknowledgement section of the book for Star Enforcers Vol. 1

One of the most powerful panels I have ever done.
If you are looking for the reason why and how to create 
your own comic or novels you will want to listen to this.
Eric Coop along with Jabaar L. Brown at Blerd Con 2017

Knight Seeker is in a cameo for this recent release called Surge of Power.
Vincent J. Roth is the creator, writer, and actor of this independent film.
This has been a labor of love and the extensive cast of celebrities
used for this film is elaborate.
For more info on this project and film please visit,
Here is a link to the sequel trailer – already up on YouTube

Exhibiting Cons for 2019

East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention
May 17th (Fri.) Awards Show /  May 18th (Sat.) Main Convention

October 18- 20 Fri, Sat, Sun

Click image above to go to the link.
Nov. 1st Friday 5pm til 10ish

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Panel and Talk sessions about creating hosted by (Youtube)
Just click the images to go the the recordings.
Great for listening to in the car or on the go.

1.    2. 3.
1.The Blerd Con session is intense! (Creating Meaningful Comics and Novels) 51:02
2. Dining during San Diego Comic Con about Editing 11:52
3. Talk about creating Merge and all the trials to get this newest novel completed. 1hr: 40 mins

Volume 1,
Audio synopsis by Leonard Dozier

Volume 2,
Audio Synopsis by Leonard Dozier

Volume 3,
Audio synopsis by Leonard Dozier

direct link to Knight Seeker's facebook fan page
Eric Cooper's personal Facebook Page

New Product from Society 6 full coverage Collage Shirt

This link will allow you to purchase this shirt directly.

This link will allow you to purchase this shirt directly.

This link will allow you to purchase this shirt directly.

Drifter is the newest character I created for Knight Seeker Vol 4 .
Artist Jesse Marks, colored by Jabaar Brown.

Fallout is a mutant villain in the Merge Novels. Artist Phoe-Nix Nebula.

Death Stealer and Kharon arch rivals in the Merge novels. Artist Phoe-Nix Nebula

Dec. 9, 2017 Saturday

Short Film Projects

Written by Eric Cooper

Blerd Con 2017 Panel (This is a must listen to for inspiring creators)
Jabaar L. Brown and I dive into a very serious topic.

To Purchase Click cover above

Media reviewer, Matthew Goad'X on Knight Seeker Vol. 3 Blades of Justice.
Reading KS3 is like engaging in mind to mind combat with an enemy who will not cease to desist.
With every tome put out by the author we are introduced to a further roster of good intentions,
that have been twisted into a hive complex of villainy. One in which the most base instincts of the human soul
are honed and tempered in the crucible of the superhero archetype, played wittingly by both the character,
and the alter-ego of the protagonist in question. Knight Seeker. This third installment of the franchise,
reaches into depths of the psyche from which the most elaborate machinations of existence are derived.
It is proof that a form of primal philosophy can coincide with the rigors of brutal violence,
and emerged unscathed in the way of its story line. Perhaps we should learn to judge these tenets,
not as their surface machinations would appear, but by the way their candor of truth is exposed.
To give life to the human experience through action against that which would choose
to take away its representation. In the end, the read becomes palatable,
with a taste for the latest trends of pop culture,
and the miasma of cult appreciation which they hold, therein.

Matthew Robert Goad'X

Official Cosplayers of Knight Seeker

Lee Washington

More into of Lee Washington can be found here.

Cameron Richards
Physique Competition Competitor, and Professional Fitness Trainer.

More info on Cameron is found on his facebook page

Chinda Thongvilay

Stats 5'11 160 lbs
instagram - philandererbee

Lance Underwood

from Dover, DE.
Professional Bodybuilder and works in the field of Optometry
his current facebook is here 

The main villain Warlord Sage to be played by actor Shing Ka

For more information on Shing Ka please visit

The role of the mutant Tygron to be played by Paul Singh

Paul Singh

The role of the mercenary Mayhem will be played by actor Adrian Gorbaliuk

For more information on Adrian Gorbaliuk

Spoke at Princeton University McCosh Hall Nov. 2013

Newest Knight Seeker Comic Book called
Players of the Game.

Artist - Nick Harris aka Phoe-Nix : Chief Editor - Blair Smith
Writer - Keith Thomas : Dialogue Editor - Thomas Chervenak

Newest Celebrity likenesses that are part of the
Knight Seeker novels and comics

Concept design by Nick Harris
For the image of the character  Ethan Pyle aka Guillotine
in the 3rd novel installment of Knight Seeker,
I have decided to have Ray Park's image be used for this
awesome villain. He has been a huge supporter of
Knight Seeker, and has accepted the honor.
Most of you may know Ray Park as Darth Maul from Star Wars,
and Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe movies.

For the image of the character Special Agent Kathryn Coleman
of the C.I.A. in the 3rd Novel of Knight Seeker will be Kate Mulgrew from
Star Trek Voyager. Her attitude and sharpness best suits this character.

It was an amazing honor to see Sir Patrick Stewart 
with the Knight Seeker novel in his hands, 
and to have Avery Brooks stand along side him at 
Wizard World Philadelphia on June 13, 2010.  
These two actors inspired two characters in my novels. 
Sir Patrick aka Talbert Singe: The devil's messenger. 
Avery Brooks aka Martin Brooks: Captain of the NYPD.

It was also an honor to meet Jonathan Frakes
at Dragon Con 2010.  He is now learning about the
character Kevin Melborne that he has inspired in my novels.

Eric Scott of New Jersey 101.5 FM radio. Eric is featured in the 
black and white comic book of Knight Seeker.

Crazy Al Cayne new video interview with me in the
Knight Seeker Costume. Click image below.

Superhero Speak did an intense 1/2 hour interview
on me and it's one of the best I have ever done,
Take a listen by clicking the image below.

Also Episode 192.2 from Superhero Speak.

Knight Seeker Author's Day.

Now accepting personal appearance dates for schools to promote

anti-bullying, good health, creative arts, and dream building.

Write to us on our contact page above if you are interested in this innovative program.

Fan Art by Jonathan Piccini he is also an illustrator on Star Enforcers.

Audio of Knight Seeker Vol.1 This was a trial run.

We will conduct a professional studio recording
in the future.


To order the Knight Seeker Comic Book
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One of my most important videos to give you

an inside look into Knight Seeker

Click image below for link to video.

New interview from Crazy Al Cayne

New York Comic Con 2011

Click image below for link to video

Youtube Video by Sto0pidPenquinPro at NY Comic Con 2010
click image for link to video

James Higgins III

Computer graphics designer


   face $10/ full body $12/ action poses with a detailed background $18/
all sizes for each price 11x17 Cell phone 703-585-9336

Supporters of the Seeker Movement
Underground Comixx, Jabaar L. Brown.
for more info please click the image below

Trenton Community Charter School
of 8th graders, are reading this in class.

New Interview Nov. 2010 by Kurt Osenlund

This Interview was done by Tim Waldron

Classice Books Store
Used and Rare Books. 4 West Lafayette St Trenton, NJ

DUSK: A CROWN OF HORNS, a book written by John Cullins

has joined Seeker Entertainment
and is being revamped into a 'Caption Novel',
the same will be for Penance written by Keith Thomas. 

Cover art by Matthew Seel.

June 14, 2009
I would like to thank the Trenton Times

 for selecting my project as an article

in our local Trenton, NJ newspaper.  Article written by

Matthew Fair, editor Tony Hagen.

Trenton Times Front Page

JUNE 15, 2009 (Monday)

Full article Click link below

Knight Seeker

(Caption Novel : Text Combined with Chapter illustrations)

This is the first story of a very unique and different style of super hero.
Nygel Spinner lived a normal life as a college student,
until one fateful night he became something more than human.
With advanced technology and superhuman abilities
he suddenly became the ultimate hunter.
As Nygel tries to balance his normal life with the dangers of being Knight Seeker,
evil forces are at work attempting to dominate the world of the living.
Join Knight Seeker as he battles Warlord Sage,
a demon bent on opening the gates of hell
and unleashing doom for all mankind.
316 pages over 50 illustrations.

Knight Seeker II:

Crimes of Passion

(Caption Novel : Text Novel Combined with Chapter illustrations)

Thrust into a violent situation,
Knight Seeker becomes a wanted criminal in league with two powerful mutants.
One of the mutants is an exiled Roman Catholic Priest
trying to reconnect with his past;
the other is a jewelry thief intent on stealing a mysterious
and highly coveted religious artifact.
Chased by United States Marshals and a high-tech enforcement group,
they run throughout the city to avoid being captured dead or alive. 
 As gang violence and the mutant threat tear the city apart,
the New York Police Department tries to keep the peace
while Knight desperately attempts to clear his name.
435 pages includes 39 illustrations.


11 x 17 Prints


Contributors to book 3 and people on the acknowledge page

Madelyn & Ted Crowell  // Ryan Brady //  Amiri Keith Atkins
Jeffery Byrd // James Ficker // Dale Harvey // Timothy Waldron
Jasmine Anderson // Kevin DiPlacido // Mike Baaden
Steve Nyemba // Christopher Cho // David Santiago 
Jamal Jackson // David Walker // John Agbaje // Neil Page
John Graham // Robert Muskelley

Basilios Tsilinikos // Wendell Smith // Joseph Powell

Contributors and placement on the acknowledgement page
for the Novel dedicated to Trayvon Martin
Tomlin Campbell III  // Jabaar Brown  // Tiffany Pelzer  // Eric Troutman

Side note Tracy Martin aka Trayvon Martin's father has his
own print of this fabulous art piece.

Color Prints




C10                      C11




 11 x 17 Prints

Black and White Prints


BW1                       BW2



BW5         BM6            BW7



BW9                    BW10








The purpose of the site is to promote the Text Novel of Knight Seeker and other products



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